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Faded Jeans to Army Greens


The Pinkie Connection

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When you See a Butterfly

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Aloha and Welcome to Travis Publications, LLC.

Inspired by the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), we have four books in our publishing line.

Travis Publications is a small, family-owned limited-liability company working with new
writers to help them self-publish their books through and other locations.
Here are the six books in our collection so far:

Mike Travis, Ph.D.
Barbara Travis


Cooper's Destiny
Book Two: Ryder


When You See a Butterfly


Cooper's Destiny
Book One: Topside


The Pinkie Connection

Faded Jeans to Army Greens:
A Story of Army Life from
Basic to Desert Storm

A Story of
Enduring Friendship

To contact us, email to

Travis Publications, LLC is located in Kaneohe, Hawaii and owned by Mike and Suzy Travis.